Nel Velka


One of the most reknowned names in all of Nera, second only to her mother, Nel Velka currently sits at the head of the Velkan House and is arguably the most politically powerful person in Nera. Ascending to the throne during The Daemon Wars she is attributed with the successful victory over Tychus and an end to very trying times. In the decades since she has established herself as a ruthless and effective leader, but lacking in her mother’s warm touch. Born in 369PC, Nel took the throne at seventeen and has ruled until the present day.
While there are many points of reservation made to Nel’s personality, methods, or even her decisions; there are none who question her power, prowess, or position.

Early Life

Prior to her mother’s assassination Nel was a promising child of eclectic tastes. Those who knew her during her younger years tell stories of her relentless pursuit of skills, whether they be farming or statecraft she seemed to want to know it all. Nel took to the bow as a weapon of choice, and spent many mornings practising until she took up casting at fifteen and found her true calling.
Unlike many of her siblings, Nel took to the notion of leading the people well; and balanced such studies with her personal pursuits. Many believe these early choices led to her ascension to the throne bypassing many siblings ahead of her in line. She kept a wolf when she was young, and raised it alongside herself for many years until it died protecting her in the commotion of the druidic invasion of Bri during The Daemon Wars.
Personally she was described as a bright and determined child, warm to new experiences and very much her mother’s daughter.

Personal Life

Nel’s seeming lack of personal life was a note of curiosity for many nobles living in Bri, some going so far as to say the queen did nothing beyond her duties. Because of this reputation, it was most shocking when she became pregnant and had twins ( Dendrin and Myr ) who she has cared for personally. While raising her children Nel was said to even deny servants contact with her children, cooking and serving their meals (as well as performing all other necessary parenting) herself. The father of her children is unknown at this point, as it was with her own father, but stigma over such things has long faded.
Aside from her crown and children, Nel’s only other known passion is spellcraft. She is a known mage of incredible power, so far that Ark (head of the mage’s college) once proclaimed her ‘a force that could rival The Divines.’

Ascension to the Throne

When Nel’s mother was murdered in front of her, things changed very drastically. The days following are a matter of speculation, but within weeks Nel had been established as the succeeding ruler and seemed to use her new duties to stifle the insanity Mei’Vin sought to instil. While her brothers, Ryke and Kal, posed little intent to run the family; many thought Mekei would take over due to her experience and popular reputation. There are those that believe Nel had her older sister killed to secure her position as head of the Velken House, no matter how many witness accounts confirm her death in battle.
Though Nel seemed to escape the madness of these events with little real harm, many of those close to her note a distinct change in personality since her mother’s death. Where once she was curious, ambitious and vigorous she has become cold, calculating and ruthless. While she has never mistreated anyone under her charge, Nel’s demeanour has shifted to something distant but direct which has set many at odds.
Regardless of the confusion surrounding these tense days, none of Nel’s siblings challenge her authority currently and she has kept her mother’s peace and prosperity to enough effect that the common-folk care little for semantics.

Reign as Queen

Though many took issue with Nel taking the crown during the heat of The Daemon Wars, her resolution of such issues has given comfort to many of her doubters. She has kept more or less to her mother’s methods for dealing with problems, and preserved the status quo exceptionally well.
Nel remains unquestioned thanks to her prowess as a mage and position of power, but she has made a number of decisions that the noble community might find questionable. The first of these was the seizure of Brokrim during The Daemon Wars, which has resulted in a begrudging connection to not only the Dovol Family but most houses in the Karak Cavern. The city was overrun by Tychus’ minions during the later stages of his campaign, and when the Velkan Legions and Puritas Paladins retook the city Nel refused to return it to Dovol control; stating that it was “safer in Velkan hands.” Though this is the only notable exception, Nel’s political demeanour has become a matter of question for many noble houses; many concerned she has a disregard for any authority not her own.

Nel Velka

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